Getting LA Healthcare Workers What They Need

The Greater Los Angeles Hospital Registry is a free volunteer-run resource created by local community members and partners with the charitable project, Emergency Supply Donor Group (ESDG), a fiscally sponsored project of Jumpstart Labs.





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We are in a race against time to provide critical resources to frontline healthcare workers and we need your help.

The Registry helps connect donors to provide needed resources to healthcare providers in one of two ways:

  • Donors give to the Greater Los Angeles Hospital Registry’s charitable giving partner, Emergency Supply Donor Group (ESDG). ESDG works directly with vendors to source supplies that fit guidelines and parameters set by hospitals. ESDG experts then allocate resources in bulk to where they are most needed. Click here to donate to ESDG.
  • Donors give directly to local medical centers based on a list of needed resources. Donate directly to medical centers, or indicate your interests and Registry volunteers will contact you to match your gifts with specific needs at individual medical centers. Click “I’m in!” below.
Hospitals I am a Los Angeles hospital seeking donations
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  • List your specific needs We'll help you fill them
  • Share withPotential donors
  • Share surplus items We can matchmake
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  • Interested? Browse the registry
  • Donate to a hospital directly Jump to their individual donor page
  • Support a specific need We’ll help you fulfill the request
  • Share Spread the word
Sell/Give ProductsI am a vendor (ex: restaurant, hotel, supplier)
  • Donate in-kind Submit your offer
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The Greater LA Hospital Registry is a joint effort of Philanthropy451, Ethos Giving and LOOPin.

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About Us

The GLA Hospital Registry connects healthcare workers who need stuff with the people who make stuff and welcomes in generous donors to help pay for it. The Registry is a free online service that allows any hospital in LA County to list and quantify its specific needs, and to share that information with any community member, group or company that wants to help.

Donors can visit the Registry, view an individual hospital’s requests, and determine how they can fulfill the hospital’s needs – within the guidelines and parameters set by the hospital.

Donors may also give to Emergency Supply Donor Group, the Registry’s charitable giving partner. ESDG works directly with hospitals and community leaders with experience in philanthropy, healthcare, and procurement to make data-backed decisions about acquiring resources in bulk from manufacturers and allocates them where they are more needed. (ESDG is a fiscally sponsored project of Jumpstart Labs, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt California public benefit nonprofit corporation. All donation to ESDG through Jumpstart are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.)

The Greater Los Angeles Hospital Registry (GLA Hospital Registry) is a service created by Ethos Giving, LOOPin and Philanthropy451.

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